Can I have your boarding pass please? 

3am today morning, my alarm buzzed loud with my mom’s voice, (thx to custom alarm tones) but the comfortable quilt was pulling me back to sleep. Fourth wake up call from my family to get ready for the flight made me shake hard and jump outta bed . Am flying to India. After a warm send off by a colleague who was caring enough to make a breakfast for me at 4 am , I enter the cab wondering how much life has changed for me in this foreign land. I have learned to travel alone, make choices, be content, worry less and live the moment. I have been lucky to meet wonderful people who have given both happiness and pain to me.  The cabbie asked if am happy to go home and I gave a quick nod and a clear yes. The airport was crowded even at this hour and drowsy ground staff were bored to see me, so was I. Slowly I  walked to my gate after the check in procedures with mixed emotions and a huge baggage. Thx to my friends for contributing to this country’s economy by overspending on shopping and dumping the bags in my luggage😋. As I sit quietly listening to Ilayaraja with a coffee  I see Indian women in their late 40’s and early 50’s clad in sarees walking confidently inside. No confusion on their faces. No anxiety in their body language. Not worried by the massive airport and the signs routing them to their gate. Not scared by the accented  and high pitched English by the authorities. As I watch, I see 20% of the travellers are women, travelling alone. They were comfortably connecting to the WiFi and giving updates to their family, walking to the coffee shops, enjoying the morning sun and chatting with fellow passengers. It was beautiful to see women engage in short talks with strangers, wishing them bon voyage with a firm hand shake and a twinkle in their eyes. Is it something to be proud of? You may ask me. Indeed yes. From days when women followed their spouses or children, sometimes blindly on travels, to the days when they guide others to the right gates and walk elegantly with a smile on their face, ask for an apple juice politely to the air hostess or choose a better seat to stretch them selves, it’s a huge leap. Kudos to the sons and daughters living abroad who are inviting their parents to visit them, giving them this happiness of travelling ALL BY THEMSELVES #backhome #happytobeback#internationalflights#India


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